H&M Banbury

H&M Banbury

H&M Banbury offers a broad and varied range that allows customers to find their own personal style. The collections are created with H&M’s broad clientele in mind and the aim is to satisfy many different tastes and requirements.

H&M is aimed at everyone with an interest in fashion. Customers should always be able to find clothes and accessories at H&M for every occasion. The collections are extensive and new items come into the stores every day.

The women’s collections are intended for fashion-minded women of all ages. The extensive range includes everything from modern basics to tailored classics, sportswear, maternity clothes and cutting-edge fashion. The collections are complemented by matching accessories, underwear and shoes.

The men’s collections include everything from timeless tailored pieces to modern basics, leisurewear and seasonal fashions that reflect the latest trends. Matching accessories, underwear and shoes are also included in the men’s collection.

The children’s range is divided into various concepts: 0 – 18 months, 1.5 – 8 years, and 9 – 14 years. The collections are intended to be as fashionable as they are practical, durable, safe and comfortable.

H&M’s cosmetics department provides a wide range of makeup, skin care and body care products. The range is constantly updated with new colours, scents and products that reflect contemporary fashions. H&M does not permit animal testing of its cosmetic products either during the production process or in finished form. All suppliers must guarantee that their contents, packaging and labelling meet EU quality and safety requirements.


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51 Castle Quay, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 5UP

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