Fire engulfs factory next to Morrison’s Banbury

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Banbury News - Fire engulfs factory in Swan Close

Fire engulfs factory next to Morrison’s Banbury

Yesterday evening (11/04) at 6:28pm, Thames Valley Fire Control Service were alerted to large amounts of smoke coming from the vicinity of Morrison’s supermarket in Banbury.


As the first firefighters arrived during rush hour, they were met by a well-developed fire in a factory unit off Swan Close. Access proved to be challenging and Fire Service vehicles had to negotiate narrow passageways in order to make the best access to the building.

Oxfordshire County Councils Fire and Rescue Service mobilised 5 fire engines from Banbury, Bicester and Woodstock and an officer who was in the area at the time.
An investigation of the fire was carried out and the incident is not being treated as suspicious.

On Monday a BMW car crashed through the wall of the Laser Sailboats building next door, but the two events are not connected.

Crew Manager Chris Jarvis, Incident Commander, stated: “As we made our way through the traffic and onto the A4260, the large amounts of smoke told us that we faced a quickly developing incident. Access initially proved difficult but we made our way down to the building next to the Swan Foundry. The factory owner was on site and assisted us in gaining entry. A total of 8 firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used 2 hose reels and a main jet to extinguish the fire that had broken through the roof of the building. They quickly put out the fire and stopped it spreading to adjacent buildings, which included the bus garage”.

Station Manager Mick Clarke, who also attended the scene added: “The factory produced moulded parts using plastic and wax so this gave rise to the large amounts of smoke that could be seen across Banbury during rush hour. Some of the materials involved in their processes gave us cause for concern so a Hazardous Materials Advisor and the Environmental Protection Unit were called in. We quickly established that there was little risk to the environment and operations were concluded.”

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Photo : Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service


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