Magnifying glass starts blaze in Banbury sewing machine shop window

Robert Shepley - EditorBanbury News, Police & Emergency

GTS Sewing Shop in Banbury

Blaze yesterday evening at Banbury sewing machine shop

Three fire vehicles were called last night to a fire at the GTS Sewing Machine Shop in Banbury at around 8.30pm. When they arrived  they found the shop window on fire and the building full of smoke.

Fire fighters from the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service entered the shop after forcing entry due to the store being shut and quickly extinguished the fire.

It is believed the fire started after the sun’s rays shone through a magnifying glass in the front window display.

Crew Manager Nigel Matthews, who attended the incident, said: “As the shop was closed we had to break through the front door in order to get in, but once inside the breathing apparatus crew were able to fight the fire very quickly and contained the area affected by direct burning solely to the window display.

“The fire was discovered by a member of the public walking past the shop on their way to the fish and chip shop a couple of doors down.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service would like to remind the public to ensure that you do not have items that can focus the sun’s energy such as shaving mirrors, bottles, or magnifying glasses anywhere near a window.

GTS Sewing Shop in Banbury closed due to fire

GTS Sewing Shop in Banbury closed due to fire