Is Lidl coming to Banbury?

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Budget supermarket Lidl is expected to build a new store in Banbury. understands that Lidl is set to become the new supermarket to be built on the former Spiceball Sports Centre site (now a temporary car park) as part of the Castle Quay expansion plans (CQ2).


Lidl UK GmbH has recently applied to Cherwell District Council for a New Premises License (alcohol licensing) for the proposed store at Spiceball Park Road, Banbury.

There has been no official announcement from Lidl regarding the Banbury store; therefore we don’t know when building work will start or when the opening date is.

The identities of most of the stores and restaurants in the new CQ2 are as yet unknown, but this is what we know so far.

Among the tenants set to open for business is a 1300 seat 8-screen cinema.

There will also be a 117-room Premier Inn business hotel.

The identities of the six new restaurants and café are still unknown.

CQ2 is expected to be open in time for Christmas 2018

Although not part of CQ2, Waitrose has recently confirmed that work on their new Banbury store on the Southam Road will start tomorrow (20/03).