Hands of our Horton – What Can You Do!

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What can you do to help save services at Banbury’s Horton General Hospital

The Horton General Hospital provides vital services to Banbury’s growing population.
Consultant-led Maternity, SCBU, 24/7 Children’s Ward, A&E, orthopaedics and Critical Care Unit under threat.

Write to your local GP and OCCG

The most important thing you can do is write to your local GP and OCCG

The local GP’s are in charge of commissioning in their local areas (deciding which treatments are going to be paid for and who is going to provide them). To do their job they need to know the priorities of people in the Banbury area. You can’t influence their decisions ff you don’t let them know them know when you are not happy with the decisions that are being taken.

Many of the GP’s on the OCCG are from South Oxfordshire and the City of Oxford and therefore may not fully understand public feeling and why it is necessary to keep the services at the Horton General Hospital.
If you can please write a unique personal letter, but if you’re struggling to do this please download this template. Simply overtype the sections in red with your own information.

Click here to download the template letter in Word format

Here’s a list of surgery addresses.

Copy your GP letter to your local MP and to the ‘Keep the Horton General’ Campaign

It’s really important to let the local MP’s know the strength of public feeling:

Email addresses for local MPs:

Victoria Prentis: victoria.prentis.mp@parliament.uk
Andrea Leadsom – andrea.leadsom.mp@parliament.uk
Nadhim Zahawi – nadhim.zahawi.mp@parliament.uk
Jeremy Wright – jeremy@jeremywright.org.uk
Chris Heaton Harris – chris.heatonharris.mp@parliament.uk
David Cameron – office@witneyconservatives.com
John Bercow – john.bercow.mp@parliament.uk
Please copy in Keep The Horton General – keehehortongeneral@hotmail.co.uk

Sign the Petition

Please sign the ‘Keep the Horton General’ petition.
This petition is distinct from the online petitions that have been set up by members of the public. This is a brand new petition from ‘Keep the Horton General’, targeted at some organisations you may not have heard of, but who are able to influence what the Trust is able to do.

Please print and get all your friends, family and work colleagues to sign it.

Click here to download and print our petition.

Protest With Us – Hands Around Our Horton!

Organised jointly with local politicians across all parties, and MP Victoria Prentis, join us at 10.30am on SUNDAY 21st AUGUST as we join hands around our Horton in a show of support for our hospital. We hope hundreds, maybe thousands will turn out in support!



DONATE To ‘Keep The Horton General’

‘Keep the Horton General’ is trying to raise £2,500 to help with printing, publicity and other campaign costs. You can donate here: KTHG crowdfunding campaign

Complete The Survey And Pass It On

The OUHFT is consulting on the way services are provided at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, but their questionnaire has only gone to selected people in Banburyshire.
We need to give everyone the chance to have their say.

Join the Committee or Become an Active Volunteer

Can you spare the time to help with the campaign? Please email keepthehortongeneral@hotmail.co.uk


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