BMW left embedded in Banbury factory wall

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BMW left embedded in Banbury factory wall

At 11.50am Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to reports of a car that had crashed through the wall of Laser Sailboats at Swan Road in Banbury after the car partially crashed through the wall.


Three crews from #Banbury, #Deddington and #Oxford were faced with the unusual sight of half a white BMW protruding from a factory, opposite Morrison’s supermarket in the town centre.

The driver was already out of the car and being treated at the scene by South Central Ambulance Service. Firefighters worked with the police to ensure that there were no injuries inside the factory and then focused on making the building structure safe.

Station manager Mark Ames said: “When we arrived the powerful BMW was embedded in the wall of the factory, and our immediate concerns were for the driver of the car and the workers inside of the factory.

“Once we were assured that everyone was in safe hands we focused on the stability of the building structure.

“Our colleagues in the district council have specially-trained building surveyors that can give advice on the safety of the building.”

Photo:Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service