Animal remains in Black bin liners found in Banbury

Robert Shepley - EditorBanbury News, Police & Emergency

Banbury News - Ironstones

Thames Valley Police have recieved reports of animal remains being discarded on Ironstones, Banbury.


15 reports were made by members of the public during February 2017 of plastic, black bin liners containing animal carcasses or bones being found on Ironstones. Local officers are working with partners in Environmental Health and Trading Standards to ensure there is no risk to the public and to determine the source of the animals.

Sgt Paul Smith from Banbury police station said: “We’d like hear from anyone who may have seen anyone on Ironstones with black, plastic bags on these days at these times. It may be you saw individuals or vehicles acting suspiciously in the area at these times and we’d ask you to get in touch with the details.

“Aside from the distress caused to the public on finding these remains, there is clearly a health hazard if animal remains are not disposed of correctly.

“We believe the remains are of livestock or farm animals, so if you keep livestock and any of your animals have gone missing, we’d also ask you to ensure that a report is made to police.”

Reports of separate incidents were received by Thames Valley Police on the following days and times:

5 February at 8.36am and 2.06pm

6 February at 2.16pm

7 February at 1.11pm

8 February at 4.34pm

25 February at 1.17pm and 2.35pm

26 February at 9.25am, 3.50pm, 3.53pm, 6.50pm, 6.58pm, 7pm and 7.17pm

27 February at 10.33am

If you have any information, please contact Thames Valley Police on their 24hour non-emergency 101 number or an anonymous report can be made to Crimestoppers (opens new window) on 0800 555 111.